13 Points To Consider Before Booking Your Hotel In Bhutan

13 Points To Consider Before Booking Your Hotel In Bhutan
  1. Always make sure that you are booking & dealing with a tour operating company that is approved by Department of Tourism (DOT), Bhutan. You can find a list of DOT approved tour operators on the official website of DOT, list of DOT approved tour operators.
  2. Always ask your tour management company to book your stay only with hotels approved by the Department of Tourism (DOT), Bhutan. You can find the region-wise list of approved hotels on their official website.
  3. If you are planning to travel to Bhutan during the high season, usually during the Tshechu Festival, then make sure to make your accommodation arrangements well in advance; as chances are that your preferred stay option won’t be available for booking near the festival dates.
  4. All of the DOT approved hotels are usually equipped with uninterrupted electric supply, 24 hrs hot & cold water supply, room service facilities, clean bathrooms, in-house restaurants & bars.
  5. There may be various categories of rooms available in a single hotel, example: standard, deluxe, supreme, suite, etc.; all hotels have a tariff chart which include booking pricing for different categories of rooms. These tariffs are usually negotiable. However, by default, your package will most probably include only a standard room; if you fancy a fancier room, your tour operator may ask you to pay extra. It’ll be a good idea to negotiate this at the time of finalizing your tour operator, as different tour operators may offer you different deals.
  6. Nights in Bhutan can be cold, and it would be wise to ask your tour operator to book you with only those hotels which feature a central heating facility or at least individual room heating facility.
  7. Like in most South Asian countries, you may find mattresses and pillows in Bhutanese Hotels to be a little too firm for your liking. However, there are some top-end hotels which provide international standard facilities & services, but may be on an expensive side. If you are particular about your mattress, make sure to inform your tour operator before choosing your stay.
  8. All DOT approved hotels in Bhutan provide hygienic & laundry washed linens to their guests. You wouldn’t need to carry your linens or sleeping bags with you, unless of course if you plan to go on a trek in Bhutan.
  9. You must make it a point to check with your tour operator if the hotel features an in-house hot-stone bath facility. Hot-Stone bath is a traditional Bhutanese way of bathing in which a wooden structure (bathing tub) is filled with water and heated special red-hot fire heated rocks. It may sometimes take up-to 2 hrs to prepare the Hot-Stone Bath as the rocks take time to heat; hence it would be an added advantage if your hotel features this facility in-house. It is a must try activity in Bhutan, you will be charged extra for it though; ranging from approximately between US $15 to US $ 100, depending on the hotel facilities, duration and quality of stones used for the experience.
  10. You should not expect your hotel kitchen or the hotels room service facility to be operational post 10pm. Some hotels close these services by as early as 9pm.
  11. Generally, all DOT approved hotel rooms include water heating kettle and a flask in all rooms along with instant tea/coffee kits.
  12. Most Bhutanese hotels are fitted with storage water-heaters as opposed to the commonly found instant water-heaters in the West. These storage water heaters may take good 30 minutes to start dispensing hot water into the shower heads.
  13. If you are including a village stay in your tour, be sure to check with your operator about the stay facilities that they would be arranging for your experience. Also make sure to check with your operator whether local mobile networks and internet connectivity is available in those areas where you’ll be staying and travelling.

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